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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

DBS 0800 Numbers – FAQs

DBS is a Lincolnshire based telecoms company that provides UK 0800 numbers to new and existing customers. They have been established for 25 years and are an Investors in People Company. They are also a member of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, and so are a reliable, long established company and an authority on freephone numbers.

“There is quite a bit of confusion out there about what freephone 0800 numbers are and what they do” says David Clarke, Director of DBS. “So hopefully these answers to some commonly asked questions will help to set the record straight.”

What is a 0800 number?
A 0800 number is a freephone number if your customers are calling it from the UK and on a landline. 

So who pays to receive the call?
The recipient pays to receive the call. If your 0800 number is pointed to a landline then you pay 4p + VAT per minute to receive the call. This is more expensive if your 0800 number is pointed to a mobile – 8p + VAT per minute, 27p + VAT per minute if you are with 3 Mobile. The good news is that we use per second billing, so we don’t round up to the nearest minute. Therefore you only pay for exactly what you use. 

Are there any other charges?
You pay £5 + VAT for the initial set up to a landline, £9.99 + VAT initial set up to a mobile, and then £5 + VAT per month rental. We also offer discounts on multiple numbers, so if you want more than one number give us a call to see what deals we can offer you. 

Why should I pay for the calls? What’s in it for me?
Research shows that 80% of customers are more likely to ring a freephone number purely because they do not have to pay to make the call. Therefore having a 0800 number will generate more calls for your business. 

If we sign up with you, are we tied into any sort of long term contract?
No, we don’t believe in forcing our customers into having something they don’t want. You can therefore cancel at any time, all we ask for is 30 days written notice. 

Are you a reputable company?
Yes. We have been established since 1986 and so have a wealth of experience. We are also members of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce and are an Investors in People Company. 

How do 0800 numbers work? Do we have to have lots of new equipment installed?
No, there is no additional equipment needed – the 0800 number is simply “pointed” at your existing number, whether that is a landline or a mobile. 

Can I change the phone number that the 0800 number is pointed to?
Yes you can, and we will do this without charge.

How soon can you connect the number?
If you order online between Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm then we should be able to set the number up for you within 1 hour. 

Do you offer memorable 0800 numbers?
Yes. Please see the memorable numbers section of our website for more details on this.

Can the 0800 number be forwarded to Skype or VOIP?
Yes it can, and this will work the same as it being pointed to a landline number?

Do you offer Fax to Email?
Yes. The number has to be different from the 0800 phone number that you use for normal phone calls. It sends your faxes straight to your email inbox as a PDF saving costs on printer, ink, toner and electricity. The charges are the same as a 0800 to landline number.

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